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Wheely Games

What does wheelys games mean?

The Wheelys games category is so named because it will only have games of the Wheelys character so that you can whenever you want. If the character Wheely appears in the game or rather it is his game
It will appear here along with other games from the wheelys saga. In total the game has 7 parts and in all of them the Wheelys car is the protagonist.

Wheelys history
Wheelys is a red cart to which we will have to help by means of certain riddles that will be scattered as we move forward, buttons and levers will appear that we must press
either to lower a platform, so we will advance until we reach the red flag that means that we have reached the goal.

Wheelys games

Whellys: in this game we will control a red car called wheelys which realizes that they are lowering it in price but nobody buys it so when he sees an advertisement for a race he will decide to participate so that they see that he is the best, we will stop by shopping malls, highways, bases with lasers and levers that we will have
to turn, a garbage dump of cars with crushing saws that will harm us if we fall, where we will have to control a magnet to pass without any problem on the locks and a level where we can design our own car with the colors that we choose and much more.

Whellys Adventures: When Wheely was strolling down the street he meets another car that turns out to be a woman and they fall in love at first sight, after the girl was taken to one place after another
Our red car will have to advance on levels that will test your patience, from a shopping center where we will see police, we will jump from a parachute plane, we will escape from a giant snowball, we will go to the swamps where we will have to go through lifeboats to not drown, go through flying clouds among many other things, everything until we can find that pink car.

Wheelys 7 Detective: when some thieves rob the city bank it will be Wheely's duty to catch them we will go track by track seeing who those thieves are until we get to where they are
and the money, we will go through the bank to find out that the currency has risen to its normal value, a dangerous neighborhood where a car will ambush us to hit us and make us unconscious,
That level will give us a clue of where the culprit is, after reaching the culprit who will be sleeping we must avoid touching the mouse with certain objects so that the thief does not wake up,
That same thief will give us a photo to take his henchmen and we will have to prevent them from damaging Wheely by moving levers by pressing buttons and much more.

Wheelys 6 Fairytail: When our red car and his girlfriend go to the cinema together to see a fairy movie a magician appears and puts Wheely into the world of the movie from here various things will happen,
we will find a car that needs a new tire, when we are fighting for the maiden's heart pink car our red car manages to win but is interrupted by a magician who kidnaps the pink car
and it is our duty to chase it until we find it, we will pass a level where a thief will not be waiting to steal all the money we have but we must use his own arrow to hit a colossus that was nearby
Later, we will find ourselves stuck in traffic to be able to draw a sword embedded in a stone that will help us on the way, a very weak bridge in which we will meet the magician who will make us fall from the highest point.
and we will have to go back up using magic buttons, some levers that will make us go up and down, boxes that will have riddles that are very difficult to get out of, some ruins of forgotten ancient knights among many other things.

Wheelys games at kiz10

You can find all Wheelys games here on kiz10 from 1 to 7 all if you want to find more games just go to the main menu press Categories and tags and find the section you like not only do we have this one, we have many more categories
You can not miss, you can also find the name of the video game in SEARCH GAMES, have fun here at


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