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Vampire Games

Do you like vampire games? We have a selection of incredible games of free vampire games in which you will hallucinate with the fun adventures in each game, some of action, adventure strategy and much more have a great time at

Why is this selection of games called?

The Vampire Games category is called that way, either because the story is focused on vampires, that we control a vampire or that we have to eliminate vampires.
There are several games here on kiz10 that you can enjoy with this theme, from trollface quests and much more, just click on Categories and Tags and press Vampire Games.

Games In Vampire Games Category:

Trollface Defense: The story focuses on Forever Alone a boy who is always alone, but when his friends visit him, a troll captures him and ties him so that he remains alone, from there the game begins we will control TrollFace with which we will have to shoot different memes of the year 2015 such as: DON'T TELL ME, THE ANGRY, WHY'S MEME ?, and many more we must aim a gun to prevent them from damaging a wall which separates them from forever alone, this group of memes will come by hordes, remember that you have infinite bullets but you will have to reload
several times since at the beginning you only have 6 bullets, which over time you can improve, you can also buy new weapons that will make things easier for you, but if you run out of ammunition for those weapons, you will have to buy more In the store that appears to you when you finish a level, each meme will have its different life points, each one being stronger than the other, do not neglect to look at the barrier of SOLEDAD from time to time
You will find it down on the left and aim well.

13 Days in hell: here we will control the chosen who will have to kill people who try to kill him in hell, the game will give us the opportunity to choose the name of our protagonist,
When we start the game we will only have at our disposal a revolver but with the passage of time we will collect more weapons and equipment, we will have to point our mouse to shoot whoever comes near us, do not let them shoot you where you can to shoot them down every time enemies have their life bar marked on their feet, the scope will move so you have to be aware of where you shoot, each weapon will have a different scope so you do not have to worry, the game will test your ability when aiming since a badly shot could mean death.

The Sun For The Vampire: Once upon a time there was a vampire who loved everything about the sun, but unfortunately as he was a vampire he could not see him because he would die, so a man who passed by saw him and told him about a magician who was on top from a mountain, He said that he was dangerous but he was his only help, so we will control the vampire to enter the castle and find the sorcerer, we can fly in the form of a bat holding W, if we jump from a high place we will fall slowly so that we can reach certain switches, we will have to activate levers and buttons, dodge guards that will attack us from the front but if we approach from behind we can eliminate them, there will be daggers hanging on the walls that will kill us instantly, Silver knives that are the weakness of the vampires and many other things, the game will test your agility with the controls since you will need to collect the key that is in that level to be able to go through the door and thus advance, the game Or it has thematic music of haloween, help this vampire to feel the heat of the sun, with this fun platform game that will entertain you for hours.

Fear Zone: you wake up in the middle of nowhere knowing that something is wrong because you find a winged corpse of yours, so you go out to investigate what is happening but you find more corpses
until you meet a zombie, and this is how our adventure begins, we will have to survive huge waves of zombies while we are escorting survivors from one side to the other, the survivors will have a life bar, do not let the zombies get closer to They, the zombies will be able to resist too many bullets so you will have to pay attention to your ammunition every moment, you will be able to buy weapons every time a wave ends, this way it will be easier for you to eliminate the undead.

Vampire games here on kiz 10
You can find the best vampire games by simply clicking on Categories and tags and find what you like best, we hope you have fun here on kiz10.


What are Vampire Games?

Vampire - Fun games of all kinds, kiz10 has an extensive catalog of free games do not stop playing and have fun


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