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Truck Games

What are Trucks Games?

trucks games are games that have something to do with trucks or tractors, Truck Games will always have the modality of driving a truck to advance the level so most of the games we enter we will have to control the trucks with the Directional arrows, Truck Games can also be simulators so you can feel what it's like to work as a crane, truck, etc operator.

Best Truck Games:

Endless Truck: it is about driving a truck that will increase its speed we will have to jump over obstacles that will cause us to crash into our car, from time to time there will be car stops that if we do not jump them will slow us down, bombs that will appear after a sign warning, we can do somersaults in the air with the directional arrows, if we want to improve
our truck we must collect money, the money is obtained by doing tricks or collecting them in the middle of the races, the game has 3D graphics to make the gameplay easier
And so that we can distinguish in what we have to jump and what not, you can improve many things like your engine that if you improve it will give you +1 speed, Bodywork that will increase the capacity of the tank, Full tank will allow us to increase the capacity of the tank, Improving the wheels will make you be able to drive better and defense that will make you have more protection. In the game you have to achieve certain objectives that will change through the completes, remember that you can also lose if you run out of gasoline, the gasoline you find in the middle of the races.

Armed Road: Mafiosi took over the city so it will be our mission to exterminate them, we must dodge missiles and bullets that will go after us while we dodge cars and gasoline trucks that harm us.
We can buy better cars to have more advantage when playing, each car will cost more according to its usefulness on the battlefield, while we are destroying cars we can find
items that will enhance our car, whether items that will make our shots go to more places at the same time, items that will enhance the score received, an accelerator that will propel us forward with great force, and many more, the game has the goal system so that you can get KizKoins for free, as well as a ranking of positions that will tell us where we are in the ranking of people in the world to raise your score you will have to get the highest possible score in a race or already completing goals How to eliminate enemies, when we have advanced too much we will find a final boss who will shoot lasers that will go where we are, it is recommended that you try to dodge these lasers.

Brain For Monster Truck: In this game we will have to draw the path of the truck so that it can advance towards the flag without dropping the box, the game will require a lot of skill when drawing
the clues because the box is very sensitive when it comes to moving so a bad movement could make you lose the game, the game will ask you to collect all the possible stars, but these are not mandatory, to pass the level you have to take to the flag with the box, in some scenarios we will have to go on the reverse side so that we do not have to turn entirely, if you made a mistake in drawing your circuit do not worry you can erase it by pressing the eraser that will erase all the line that is connected to this , if one of your lines touches the box automatically you will lose the game,
the truck can withstand large falls but the box will be affected by these making it fall to the ground, the game in total has 16 levels where each one will become more difficult than the previous one forcing you to draw very well defined circuits, the game has a simple design made by the Qky studio and created by Demonte Maximiliano, the game is very fun and very simple, the difficulty is not so advanced to be called a challenge, but if it will make you mad from time to time for some errors in the game, It is recommended that you set the lowest sensitivity you have so that your circuits are more detailed and accurate.

Trucks Games At kiz10.
In kiz10 we have a wide variety of fun games including truck games with which you can have fun pretending to drive a truck, to play more games just click on Categories and Tags to see all the other categories that we have available for you here at kiz 10.


What are Truck Games?

Truck - Fun games of all kinds, kiz10 has an extensive catalog of free games do not stop playing and have fun


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