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here in this category we can find several games based on animals or that have to do with them, there are several games with animals, pets will be the ones that have the most games since they are worldly popular, we can find several games like 2D games, RUN style games which will ask us to have a great concentration since we will have to get all the score we have, then we can see well-known meme games such as the angry cat which was very popular in 2016, we can also find several games in which we can find with different options, such as a game which we will have to go to the toilet, but if you want to play only animal games this category you will love, we can find several games with cats or dogs of protagonists so we have games of various tastes.

GRUMPY CAT RUNNER: in this game we will start with a light blue background and we will see a cat dancing with eyes closed, then we will be able to see the buttons of the game which will be the shopping button the caul will have the shape of a shopping cart, if it Clicking we can buy or improve all the objects that we can use by going forward, we can see many objects which will help us later like: MAGNET this object can bring all the coins to you without having to move towards them, you can improve it with gold which you can find it In the middle of the game, later we will have another object called X2 which will double all our score obtained at that time until the power up ends, once everything ends it will return to normal, then we can see another object known as INVINCIBLE which will return invincible to any damage we receive, no matter if you crash or lose you can continue but you will lose the power up, LIFE this will give you one more point of vi day which you can use to continue living and be able to get to the end of this whole path, we will be able to see various accessories for our favorite cat, there will be several different styles such as a worker hat which will give it protection, PARTY HAT which will make it look very fun, and SMART which will be a very elegant green hat which will make us look like royalty, after seeing all the time we can go out to see what else is on the menu, if we click on the button with papers we can see the missions that we have to complete so that they give us extra gold coins, the objectives vary when the copletes so there are objectives which will be very difficult to complete, then we can open the configuration by pressing the button of the nut, we can adjust various things like the game sound, game music or sound effects or SFX, you can turn them on or off as you like. after we see everything on the menu we can start playing, once we start the game Then we can see how our cat begins to move forward to collect all the fish it can, once the countdown ends we can start to play, we will have to control the cat by moving the directional arrows which will move the character where we are pressing, You can slide or jump by moving the arrows where you want, remember to collect all the fish you can to improve or buy new accessories in the store. THIS GAME IS AVAILABLE FOR KIZ10 MOBILE.

POOPY ADVENTURES: when starting the game we will go directly to the menu which will have many buttons, we will have the information button which will show us interesting information about the game as it is, about the game and the credits which are: SOUNDS: Freesound. org; also we can find many web pages of the creators, in configuration we can configure how high or low we want the sound and music of the game, the game by default will have the game at 100% so if you think it is very high here You can turn down the volume, if we press on the star we will be able to see all the RARE collectible objects that we will be able to find as we complete the game, in total there will be 28 objects which we will have to discover on our own where they are, to start playing we will have that pressing the button with the arrow pointing to the right, once we start playing we will be able to see the level in which we are staying in addition to how much our score is at that level, we will be able to start playing by pressing the arrow which will be inside a building, our goal will be to get to the sewers safe and sound to continue advancing in other levels, we will have to cross pipes which will have a mo A lot of dangers like pieces of land which if we touch we die instantly after we can see how we can go collecting objects which will help us to fill our SLOW TIME bar, SLOWTIME is a skill which will allow us to slow down time and so we can think In our next move, this game is a lot of fun if you like games that you have to think about quickly.

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